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Wave in Error when using DivX

edited July 2008 in Support
Hi Nick! Great FREE program you got here. But I joined the forums to get help with this error I'm getting.

I was looking for a good quality video codec so my videos don't look like crap, and I read from flyfisher in the comments under the CamStudio 2.5 Beta 1 Released blog that DivX was the best one to get. I put it to all the settings he said to and tried to record with it, but when I try to record it doesn't work.

As soon as I hit the record button I get an error:
Cannot perform this operation while media data is still playing. Reset the device, or wait until the data is finished playing. Error in StopAudioRecordong() (WaveinClose)

Then it says:
Audio buffers still in queue!

I don’t know what media data is and why it’s playing, or what a queue is. How do I fix this likely simple problem?


  • According to one CamStudio user (thanks Carlos) click the SWF icon in CamStudio so Convert to SWF is set to on and make sure you choose not to delete the intermediate AVI file (Options > Record to Flash Options) and use the AVI it generates.

    The AVI will be located in the temporary recording directory folder you specified in Options > Program Options.
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