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How to make a Demo, record IM Video Call, and online Video/Audio with screen recorder

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Nowadays, PC is very popular in our daily life and work. We often find it important to capture our PC screen or chat video and then save as a video file. If you are a developer, you will probably create some video examples or demos for your own application. If you are a software support manager, it may be a good idea to record a video demonstrating for a solution of the client’s problem instead of exchanging dozens of emails. When you have an internet video call, you might want to save the video and audio of your friend and family. On these occasions, you need a powerful screen recorder to help you accomplish all kinds of tasks.

Camersoft Screen Recorder is a professional screen video recording software to use easily. You can use this screen capture software to record full screen, any area of the desktop screen, your chat video and you can record all audio and mouse cursor's movement. So, it can be used to record the video call of AIM, ICQ, MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Skype, etc. and record movies from TV card or live streaming video, record DVD, RM, VCD, MPEG, or other video medias, make slide-show training documents. Anyway, you should download and install Camersoft Screen Recorder to enjoy recording right now. Moreover, I will show you several typical cases of using the recorder to record video and audio.

[b]Part I: Download and install Camersoft Screen Recorder:[/b]
Part I: Download and install Camersoft Screen Recorder
You could free download it from the Camersoft Studio official website:
Then install it into your PC and run this screen recorder, you will see the main UI below:
This recorder provides 3 recording types for you to record any area of your desktop, including: fixed region, custom region, and full screen. It is the most important feature that Camersoft Screen Recorder could record all the audio of your PC during the screen recording, not the microphone, but the speaker output. And please note that to ensure recording audio successfully, you’d better launch the recorder first and then startup the program you plan to record. Meanwhile, you can record your screen in your own way, such as take screen shot recording, full motion recording, pause and resume your recording process, capture more movie clips to your current project, integrate multiple etc. You can also take real time control of your recording process with recording control panel or hotkeys like countdown, pause, redo and stop.


  • [b]Part II: Record any content on your screen with this super recorder::[/b]
    1.Record full screen to make a Demo or Tutorial
    Recording full screen is often used to make a demo or tutorials of software. Start the recorder and just click the “full screen” button to begin recording?you could see the time elapsed showed on the bottom of the main UI. Then you could make the demo and the recorder could save all your operations. When you end the demo, click the “stop” button to finish recording. So this recorder could work as demo creator to help you make a tutorial easily on your desktop.

    2.Record a video call of IM tools: MSN, Skype, Yahoo Messenger, AIM, OICQ, WLM etc.
    To record the IM chat video, please make sure to start Camersoft Screen Recorder first, and then I will take MSN for example. Run MSN and begin video call with your friend. Next, click “fixed screen” button to begin recording, your screen will display a frame and put this frame to the video window you want to record. Your recording will begin after clicking the mouse. When finishing your video chat, click “stop” button and the recording will be completed. With the same way, you could smoothly accomplish Skype recording, Yahoo recording, AIM recording, OICQ recording, WLM recording etc.

    3.Record online video such as YouTube, Google Video, Vimeo, and online music.
    When you want to record your favorite video online, just click the “custom region” button, and use the mouse to draw the rectangle on the video region, the recording will start. Actually, with this powerful desktop recorder, you could easily record any video or audio online and on your PC. Take YouTube video for example below. The same methods are easily used for recording video from Ifilm, Vimeo, Google and other online video websites you like.

    [b]Part III?Play the recorded video and convert to other formats:[/b]
    The recorder will save the video as AVI files automatically. After stop recording, the file will be displayed in a list. You could double click the file name to play it, and you could also click the “Open Folder” button to find out the recorded files in the folder and then play the video with Windows Media Player or other popular video players. The default folder to save the files is: C:\CamersoftOutput. You can click the "Change Folder" button to set another directory as default.

    In addition, Camersoft provide another useful software: [url=]video converter[/url],which could help you to convert the video to many other formats such as: MP4, MOV, MPEG, WMV, MP3, OGG, etc. and it can support many devices: iPhone, iPad, Mobile Phone, PSP, Zune, etc.. You could also free download Camersoft Video Converter and try it.

    Now you could see that Camersoft Screen Recorder could help greatly to record anything we see on the computer screen, including the entire desktop, windows, menus, cursors even video with sound. Demonstrate a product, create a presentation with our own audio narration, make a tutorial, or walk through a web site review. For more details, you could visit Camersoft Studio official website: to get the information of other products.
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