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Camstudio crashes as soon as I start

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I'm pretty sure there was a very similar topic asked on these forums but I didn't get a solution to my problem. Basically it is as the title says, my CamStudio program has worked fine whenever I try to record with it, but recently as soon as I click the record button and select my region, the program crashes. I checked my video settings and made sure that all my zones were cleared and the region select values were all dividable by 10. I've even uninstalled and reinstalled the program and restarted the computer, and no help. I am using the XviD Codec to record a N64 emulator and also using HP G62 Laptop and am running Windows 7 Home Premium. Can anyone help with this problem?


  • So far no. Same issue, as soon as I click record, it crashes. Or I select a region then it crashes. By any chance would you have installed Camstudio 2.6 and then had the issue?
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    Keep in mind, some codecs require region settings where height and width are divisible by 4 (DivX and perhaps Xvid, H264), and some others require height and width being divisible by 2. Does this crash occur if you use the Camstudio Lossless Codec or Microsoft's Video One? Try those and see if you can at least get something.

    If you do get it to record, take a look at the recording info window and check whether you are falling victim to the "off-by-one-pixel" error that has been persistent in various region modes since version 2.5. I thought that bug had been squashed in the latest build, but perhaps not. That bug has been affecting the "Window" region for a long time, but has jumped around a bit! If you succeed in getting a recording, check the recorded video's dimensions in properties just for verification.

    It is always helpful to the programmers to include your operating system info (thanks, Bl00dyBizkitz) and any other changes that may have taken place, especially to your display settings (resolution changes? bit-depth changes?) Please experiment and do share any other observations that you might make.

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    It seems not to matter which Codec you use. as I am Running Windows XP SP3 32bit. I went on to install the 2.6 version and then configured my settings to match the ones I used in the previous versions. I used the Camstudio Losless Codec set it to full screen in the region and clicked record then it crashed. Changed the Codecs and the recording region size to match the requirments of the Codec and it still crashes. I'll check for the off by one pixel bug. The weird thing is after using 2.6 it also effected all older versions of it as well so, the older versions of Camstudio now experience the same problem that was otherwise fine. I can't say for sure if it was after downloading 2.6 I had the issue as it had been a while since I had run the old Camstudio builds and before I went to record I figured that enough time had passed since version 2.5 I should check for a new update and then madness.

    After the error I can see the info screen in the Camstudio window and for dimensions it's reading 0x0:1024 after selection the entirety of my screen which is at a resolution of 1280 x 1024
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    Do you have dual monitors, by any chance? I hear there is still a bug in that case.

    Can you record a window or a region at all?

    Also, EdT posted a finding back in Dec, 2008 that related his crashes to having installed the entire K-lite codecs pack.

    I have experienced the same issues (see below):

    "I had the same problem with 2.5 and I am using under Admin privileges. It would give that message everytime I click on the Video set-up and eventually crash the CamStudio.

    I think the codec or codec package you installed is causing it. I removed the K-Lite codec package I installed and it does not crash. I tried this numerous times just to see if I can replicate the problem and this seems to be the problem.

    I then tried to reinstall the K-Lite codec package with just the DivX video codec and MPEG Layer-3 and LAME 3 audio codecs and so far it does not crash.

    So I am guessing too many video codecs are somehow interfering with CamStudio ...shrugs "

    Like him, when I un-installed the codecs and re-installed only the ones I needed, my crashes went away. I think the same thing happened to me when I installed the entire Sharks codec pack way back when (which is what made me try the K-lite pack afterwards). I read somewhere that codecs could make problems, so to only install the ones I needed, so I did that and my crashes went away. I hope it is as simple for you!

    BTW - another thing that used to crash CamStudio for me was having the "GZIP" radio button selected in the CamStudio Lossles Codec settings. I didn't understand the note that indicates the specific use that radio button selection is for. LZO is the correct one for regular screen recording usage.

  • Thank you for the info. Terry, I'll uninstall some Codecs on my desktop tomorrow and post the results. I am not using a double monitor setup. I messed with the settings of the Losless Codec and it would still crash no matter the method or the compression quality for whatever option requires it.

    You cannot record anything with Camstudio with this bug, as soon as it's ready to start recording the screen it crashes. So clicking record a region that you specify will give you hopes as it doesn't crash as soon as you click the button but, immediately after selecting the region it crashes and absolutely nothing will be recorded.

    Heres another piece of info I forgot to tell you about, after the crash when I view the error signature it pops up with recorder.exe with the mod avifil32.exe I checked the file for corruption and also used several other programs that required avifil32.exe and all of them worked fine. I also ran a system file check to check it against corruption and it had no issue.
  • No effect after deleting several non-required Codecs.
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    I am sorry you are having all these issues. I hope we can actually diagnose what has happened so I can tell other folks directly what do in the future.

    Well, all I can suggest at this point is to use Add/Remove Programs and completely uninstall any codec packages you might have in there, then restart and re-install them slowly... of course, doing that AFTER seeing if it fixed CamStudio.

    Naturally, I'd suggest deleting the CamStudio folder altogether and reinstalling that afterwards as well.
    Uninstall the betas.
    Uninstall the C++ runtime. You'll have to re-install the C++ runtime to use the latest betas, I believe.

    AT LEAST we should be able to get version 2.0 running again!!!

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    Has anyone found a fix for this problem?
    I have exactly the same problem with XP SP3

    Faulting application recorder.exe version faulting module
    avifil32.dll, version 5.1.2600.5908, fault address 0x000029b0.

    From Video Codecs Properties:

    Cinepak Codec by Radius Inc.
    DivX 6.9.2 Codec
    Indeo codec by Intel Intel Video R3.2 ver
    Indeo video 5.10 Intel video 5.10 Intel video 4.4
    iyuv_32.dll Intel Video iYUV R2.0 ver
    lvcodec2.dll Logitech Video Codec ver 13.31.1044.0
    Microsoft RLE Codec
    Microsoft Video 1
    msh261.drv Microsoft H.261 ver 5.1.2600.5512 Microsoft H.263 ver 5.1.2600.5512
    msyuv.dll Microsoft UYVY Video Decompressor ver 5.3.2600.5908
    TechSmith Screen Capture Codec

    I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling 2.6 b294 as well as reverting to 2.0 which says it cannot create file but logs no system error. Tried all three recording location methods and just have no joy.

    I also uninstalled and reinstalled C++ redistributables both 2008 and 2010.

    I love camstudio and want to make it work again!!!!
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    Goodness gracious!

    Something definitely got installed that is interfering hugely with CamStudio in all its incarnations, if even the venerable 2.0 is no longer working!

    This is beyond me, as I am not one of the coders, but hopefully Jan or Nick or someone else will be by to see this.

    In fact, I won't wait for that and will email your latest post plus a link to this thread to both of them right now. I hope we can resolve this.

  • @VaHam

    Hmm ...

    Are you able to actually record something but cannot save or can you not even start CS?

    Does your Windows account have local admin rights over the computer?


    Nick :o(
  • Strange indeed.
    Hard to solve something if you simulate the same conditions.

    * Are all your Camstudio downloads from SourceForge. (Some are rebuilds. There was even a few weeks a fake Camstudio on Sourceforge..! Camstudios)
    * Did you install any additional codec packages

    What happens if you uninstall all additional codecs?

  • Hi Thanks for trying to help.
    1) All downloads from sourceforge
    2) Account is administrator
    3) DivX was installed but my list of codecs is above!
    4) Recording never starts with either 2.0 (can't open file) or 2.6 (application error above)
    error occurs as soon as I attempt to begin recording.
    5) I have not tried uninstalling codecs but have not added any other than DivX and techsmith and of coarse CamCodec 1.5

    I would add I have also run Microsoft's Fix and tested for bad codecs and also ran an sfc /scannow against an I386 with SP2 and SP3 integrated.

    This one really has me stumped.
  • DivX has been crashing CamStudio on me for over a year now due to a bug they admit is their own - and I paid for the pro version, so that pisses me off just a little. BUT I've had such good luck with Jawor's Xvid that I've not missed it. Will Xvid work for you?

  • Has DivX been crashing CamStudio by it's presence or just when use try and record using it? I have tried recording using all the codecs in my list above and all have the same errors.
  • VaHam,

    I believe I had to un-install it entirely for CamStudio to work. It must be messing with some DLLs that CamStudio uses.

  • I uninstalled DivX codec and that made no difference :(
  • VaHam,

    Sorry to hear that. Jan and Nick are looking into things. Either way, DivX likely doesn't work still. Do you have the DivX players installed (Desktop or Web)? I'd take out anything that DivX put in there. Let me know what you turn up, if anything.

  • DivX Player uninstalled and reinstalled Camstudio v2.6 b294 no change in results :(
  • VaHam,

    They (Jan and Nick) are likely going to be asking you soon for every detail you can possibly provide them about your system hardware and other software and driver installations. Just mentioning that in case you want to start gathering notes!

    This is really too bad -- most people have it working just fine (otherwise I'd be much busier, indeed!) I hope we sort this out!

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    Just a thought - have you tried 2.6c yet? It uses a different Microsoft runtime library. It does not have an installer - it simply extracts a folder with the program inside it.


    You may need 7-zip to extract it.

    The Microsoft 2010 Visual C++ Runtime Libraries are here:

    Try that and let me know if that fixes the problem.

  • I did try the ver2.6c and had same results
  • VaHam,

    Well, I am out of ideas to try.

  • Is it possible that the K-Lite bundle contains a codec with an updater? I'm looking at that Divx 6.9.2, which is based on a trial version and should certainly not be included in any codecs package. That would invite a end-of-trial action which could disable a shared DLL without notice. It's probably worth uninstalling K-Lite and then hitting a restore point to get back to before the problem started. I'd make sure that MS V1 is installed, just for testing purposes. Worth a try.

  • Uninstalled all DivX and still no joy!
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    If Divx was the problem, uninstalling wouldn't be the fix, since any registry changes would remain. You'd need to hit a restore point for that.

    That's not necessarily saying that Divx IS the problem. Any time a program which used to work suddenly doesn't, one has to keep in mind that the program hasn't changed. What's changed is the environment in which the program runs and the tools and materials it needs to run. Cam needs Visual C++ to run, and those files CAN be changed without one noticing by Windows updates. The first wave of 2.0 problems seems to have been reported early in the year when Windows update apparently did an overwrite of 2008 back in early December of 2011. The solution offered was the link to the 2008 download, and that seemed to fix that problem. My guess is that's what happened again, because we can see problems popping up with different versions of the program and no other commonality elsewhere. My computer has a stack of redundant Visual C++ versions, which doesn't seem to cause any problem, but that may not be the case on other machines, and there's little doubt as to how they got there. Windows updates may be causing a (backwards) compatibility issue here, so since all Visual C++ versions are easily downloaded and installed, I'd consider replacing those you have and doing a restore to get back to an earlier registry setup. If that works, there's a decision to be made as to how to deal with future Windows updates.

  • Hope fully someone will identify the real computability problems. I have tried all suggestions without success.
  • VaHam,

    The problem with identifying compatibility problems is that one needs to have a computer with the same hardware and drivers installed as well as the same other programs and utilities as you have to do the detective work needed. You actually are in the best position to find what the problem is.

  • I’ve now been able to simulate a freezing situation with 2.6 versions, which is apparently caused by a lack of communication between the program and the computer’s graphics properties as it relates to the capture area. It may well be true that the program is getting no information at all as to what the capture area is and freezes before an error message can be generated. I cannot get 2.0 to fail in that way, which may be the reason it functions long enough to flash an (erroneous) error message.

    In the original post, it mentions “”From Video Codecs Properties: “”. I’m not sure what that refers to, but if it relates to the “video options/compressor” dropdown, there are clearly objects present which shouldn’t be, suggesting that there may be a registration problem.

    The question is whether any version of Cam has ever worked on THIS computer. If not, the graphics card is most likely not compatible with the program. If is has worked in the past, but not now, I’d be tempted to roll back the whole thing to original factory settings and try again. Once again, the program hasn’t changed, so it must be the operating environment which has.

  • "In the original post, it mentions “”From Video Codecs Properties: “”. I’m not sure what that refers to, but if it relates to the “video options/compressor” dropdown, there are clearly objects present which shouldn’t be, suggesting that there may be a registration problem. "

    I derived this list by going to device manager and selecting video codecs and then their properties. This list is different than the drop down list in Camstudio which is a follows:

    Microsoft Video 1
    Xvid MPEG-4 Codec
    Camstudio Lossless Codec v1.5
    Intel Indeo(R) Video R3.2
    Intel Indeo(R) Video R3.2
    Intel Indeo(r) Video 4.5
    Indeo(r) Video 5.10
    Cinepak Codec by Radius
    Intel IYUV codec

    This is of coarse since I removed Divx.
  • I downloaded K-Lite Codec Tweak Tool 5.4.7 and used it to disable all but Microsoft Video 1 codec. So the drop down now has only one choice Microsoft Video 1. I have the same results with both 2.0 and 2.6c failing as before.

    In 2.0 as soon as I start the record by using mouse to define a region I get the error message "Error creating AVI file"

    Using 2.6c I get a system error
    "Faulting application recorder.exe version faulting module
    avifil32.dll, version 5.1.2600.5908, fault address 0x000029b0."

    Rather than a codec problem I think this must be related to some permission error on creation of a file but don't have enough report information to find out what is causing it.
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