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Capture window and future requests

edited December 2007 in Support
1. I would like to know were to put the ideas for some new futures. I mean, I could put them in code contributions, but the idea is all I have cause I know squat about programming.

2.For what I understand, when I choose as my captured region, window, CS should capture the window no matter what: losses focus, goes behind another window or even minimize (or anything like that). This is how I see this future or like to see it.
Is this even possible to do or I'm talking crazy?



  • Features WishList:

    1. Capture Window
    2. New friendly interface
    3. Follow text editing (like Magnifier)
    4. Zooming (using the keyboard)
    5. New custom cursors

  • Hello all. I started using CamStudio as a "no cost" alternative for adding video demonstrations to online Help to accompany complex written procedures. It is an excellent tool. I also had to escalate the use of this open source software product through our corporate software standards group to get our company's approval for use. That was a real learning experience...

    However, now that I'm using the product, I have discovered that many of our customers do not have workstations equipped with sound capabilities, so I have been forced to use the text annotations instead. I have found it to be a very cumbersome process. I would love to see the CamStudio evolve into something a bit more featured in this area.

    For example, I'd love to see CamStudio with some more powerful editing features such as:
    1. The ability to edit individual frames within the AVI to add callouts on a per slide basis without the need to engineer those callouts ahead of time and bring them on screen through the use of hot keys. This would drastically reduce the work involved with text annotations.
    2. I'd love to see the ability to add buttons (both text and transparent) to allow the creation of interactive demos where users must click something on one frame before proceeding to the next.

    In short, I am hoping to see CamStudio evolve into something that rivals products like RoboDemo and Captivate. How I wish I were a programmer right now...
  • air5jrs:
    If you're open to alternatives, then perhaps Wink, from, is an option. It has a slightly different approach to screencapture, but adding callouts and creating buttons is easy enough (as far as I can remember, it's been a while since I tried it).
  • To reply to mefl0res12345, when you say "new custom cursors", do you mean, that when you download them, you get the cursors in the .zip file/installation file, or do you mean that there would be a way to d/l the seperate files, then "Browse" for them, and then use them? I would defintley do either, but the first one would be a bit harder to do. Anyways, please reply, intrested in what you want to have.

  • Yeah, Wink is definitely a better solution for "presentation" style videos, but for actual step-by-step instructional videos, CamStudio is better.

    Although one of the downsides is that you can't author directly into AVIs because you'd lose the interactive functions.

    However, if those functions aren't important to you, then just use CamStudio to record the Wink video running and save it as an AVI.

    Then you have the option of joining the Wink video with your CamStudio one using VirtualDub or Wax.


    Nick :o)
  • mefl0res12345:

    You can already use custom cursors ...

    Select Options > Cursor Options > Show Cursor > Use Cursor From File

    Then just browse to the cursor graphic (*.ico or *.cur) you want to use.

    Job Done!


    Nick :o)
  • Two "Record WIndow" functions afaik.

    1. As above, locks onto the window chosen.

    2. "Record active Window" which follows active window.

    On 2.5 Beta I was doing a tutorial on an IE (yuck) topic and it opened a new window in the default browser (FFox) and the session was useless.

    Not necessarily for 2.5, but sometime, please.

    Good work, N the G!!! Thanks.
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