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Maximum length

edited August 2008 in Support
Is there a maximum length for a recording?


  • Hi icornwal

    No, there's no maximum length for recording.

    However there are limits regarding filesizes, but not because of anything to do with CamStudio.

    The largest filesize you can have an AVI is 4GB on a FAT32 formatted hard disk and 16 EB (Exobytes) on an NTFS formatted drive.

    My advice is to only record as much screen area as you need to, keep on-screen movement to a minimum, try testing with a smaller quality setting in the video options area and try other codecs, like CamStudio's Lossless or maybe XviD/DivX if you're recording video playing in a Media player.

    All of those should help reduce the final filesize of your video.

    Also bear in mind that the larger the file, the larger the amount of RAM needed to play the video AND the faster the CPU needed to display all the video data without 'falling over'.



    Nick :)
  • Hi,

    Is there any way of telling what the file size is during recording so I do not run over the 4GB video file size?

  • Hi Jesse

    Firstly, I made a mistake about the filesize.

    The maximum size an AVI Format 1.0 file can be (which is what CamStudio creates) is 2GB, not 4GB - my bad.

    Secondly, there isn't currently a way to keep track of how large the filesize is getting as you're recording.

    The only way you could do this would be to do a 1 minute test recording using your chosen source and compression settings and see what filesize you end up with. That way you'll be able to roughly work out how long it will take for your recording to hit the 2GB mark.


    Nick :o)
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