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"How To Use CamStudio" Video Tutorials Now Available at YouTube!

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I finally got these CamStudio video tutorials up and running at YouTube.

Here is a link to the entire playlist:

Please rate, comment, and subscribe! It will help others to find this playlist in the future at YouTube and in the search engines. I reply to all comments people make at YouTube.

This was a long wait, but I hope it is worth it to everyone. Please do not hesitate to add comments and suggestions to this post as well.

Here is the playlist contents:

"How to Use CamStudio" tutorials 01a - Installing the Software - Download and Install Camstudio
"How to Use CamStudio" tutorials 01b - Installing Add-on Software - Sizer, Zoomit, and VirtualDub
Saving and Recalling "Sizer" Set-ups Stored In The Registry
"How to Use CamStudio" tutorials 02a - Comparison of CamStudio v2.0 and v2.6
"How to Use CamStudio" tutorials 02b - Copying Help Files From 2.0 to 2.6beta
"How to Use CamStudio" tutorials 03a - Best Settings for CamStudio to Sync Audio and Video
"How to Use CamStudio" tutorials 03b - Optimizing Your PC Display Settings For Screen Recording
"How to Use CamStudio" tutorials 03c - Recording Speakers And Mic Using Stereo Mix in Windows 7
"How to Use CamStudio" tutorials 03d - How To Set Sound from Stereo Mix (What U Hear)
"How to Use CamStudio" tutorials 04a - Installing the K-Lite-Full (or Mega) Codec Pack
"How to Use CamStudio" tutorials 04b - Installing the CamStudio Lossless Codec 1.5 via 2.6Beta
"How to Use CamStudio" tutorials 04c - Installing the Software - Installing DivX
"How to Use CamStudio" tutorials 05a - Installing the Software - 16-bit Color Codecs
"How to Use CamStudio" tutorials 05b - Installing the CamStudio Software - 32-bit Color Codecs
Color Bars and Tone (HD 1080i60) 1kHz -12db
Virtual Audio Cable Tutorial
PM5644 test pattern with 1kHz tone (HD 720px)

Enjoy! I hope they are helpful to you all.



  • Thanks for taking your time making these :)
  • edited May 2011
    You're welcome, JoshT!

    Here is a live-link to the playlist, everyone. The upgrade in forum software made all old links "un-live".

  • As a relatively new user of CamStudio I find these videos very helpful. Thanks a lot

  • My pleasure, Ron!

  • How to Use CamStudio" tutorials 03c - Recording Speakers And Mic Using Stereo Mix in Windows 7 -- That one video (and the text version of your instructions for that in a separate thread here in the forums) have been lifesavers for me as a newbie Let's Player on YouTube. I love the convenience of recording gameplay audio & microphone narration simultaneously in a single program -- and then using CamStudio's built-in AVI player to check my work before uploading it. (I use Any Video Converter to convert the videos to FLV -- because my teen YouTuber daughter likes it & installed it for me.)
    Now if I could just get CS 2.6 to be stable enough on my Windows 7 64-bit computer so that the settings I like from 2.0 will work there -- and I could then switch to "record window" (which would be great recording DOSBox games), too!
  • Catherine,

    Ahh - settings! Ask away! :-)

    I'm heavily pushing Xvid lately for game recordings - it records really long segments into very small file sizes, even at 1280X720 and at full-quality. I'm also becoming a fan of MS ADPCM and GSM 6.1 (mono only) as audio codecs, as neither seems to introduce the sync issues that LAME and AC3 have.

    The "Window" mode has been plagued by a "one pixel added" problem that made it so you had to set "Sizer" to make your windows a pixel smaller in width and height before you started recording. So, for a 1280X720 window, you'd have to set Sizer to 1279X719. That issue is about to be repaired in an upcoming release!!! (you heard it here first!)

    Let me know of any issues you encounter, and I'll always be happy to try to help.

  • I've been using the CamStudio Lossless Codec 1.4 myself, but I could certainly try Xvid. I currently have the "Use MCI Recording" box ticked in the "Use system method for audio recording" section of Audio Options for Microphone. It seems to work, but other Let's Players on YouTube who I know are also using CamStudio seem to have even nicer-sounding audio, so I might want to experiment some more with audio codecs.
    I will be certain to watch whatever recording you make of your upcoming webinar (as described on another thread)!
  • Catherine,

    I don't know for the life of me how they are getting nicer audio than 16-bit, 44.1kHz CD quality sound (the system audio that the checkbox by "Use MCI to Record" forces Camstudio to use).

    However... I'd naturally LIKE to know!!! ;-)

    The only two other codecs I have heard people use that still delivered good, tight audio/video sync and decent (not great) sound is MS ADPCM in mono OR stereo, or GSM 1.6 in mono only. LAME, AC3 and MP3 have all fallen down when it comes to A/V sync.

    Some people use VirtualDub on their final video with the audio set to "Full Processing" but the video at "Direct Stream copy" to compress the audio after the fact, but I tried it with LAME and it lagged terribly, even though the original was spot-on. AC3 wouldn't play back at all without "skipping". I don't know why - that's just what happened to me.

    Hopefully someone will chime in here who has managed to compress their audio without losing sync. But try the two alternatives mentioned above and see if the file sizes are worth the possible reduction in sound quality, and let me know how it goes.

  • wow thanks:)
  • I would like to thank all the folks that help make CamStudio possible.

    The training/instruction video on YouTube are GREAT!
    They are a great way to learn the ins & outs of CamStudio. The video go into to how to load and use a number of helper applications & codecs that trun CamStudio in to a powerhouse.

    Tbritton deserves a BIG shout out - T-H-A-N-K--Y-O-U - :-)
  • Hi
    I am new to the world of camstudio
    I realy appreciated your help videos posted on you tube.
    The problem I have. in version 2, I can get Divx 6.9.2 but it does not show in ver 2.6b my PC is set at 32 bit with both open at the same time. How is this possible? I would have thought it should be the other way round.
    What is gained by using 2.6 if I can get all the other codecs etc in ver 2?

    Appreciate your feedback
  • edited February 2012
    The big gains in 2.6 are:

    Region: Window (best when using Sizer by
    Automatically stop recording after a fixed number of seconds have passed.
    Effects like Watermarks, timestamps and captions.
    More cursor options.

    I use 32-bit Xvid with both of these, as I think it is the best codec out there. Quality 1 setting works with everything and file sizes are small with great looking results.

  • Hi Terry
    You have done good job at setting out all the info. I am a novice when it come to this stuff but I have managed to produce a couple of pretty good videos (now on You tube)
    Using the deatils you provided.
    The thing I did not understand at all was how to make different sizer options. I watched the videos but I am just not getting it. Have you got any links for dummies?



  • I have the latest version of CamStudio (as of Feb 23, 2012). It contains help.chm which I can open manually from its location in Program Files (x86). Clicking "Help" in CamStudio will not respond. Any suggestions? I use Windows 7 Ultimate (64-bit) and had to download an update so the older .chm file would open. As mentioned, it does open manually. Thanks
  • edited February 2012
    What if my microphone doesn't have a Listen tab?
    I'm using Vista 64-bit.
  • Sebiale,

    It won't work. See if you have another way to work around that. Like being able to route the mic through the stereo mix some other way.

    Sorry it didn't work for you.

  • heritage,

    I think that has to do with Windows 7 protecting access to the program files folders. I cannot get them to open from the menu either.

    They should be html files, though.

    Get the 2.0 help files here:

  • Nigel,

    It really isn't so hard. Open the configuration window, click add, edit the name and the settings and try it out after you save it.

    For some monitors and video cards, you cannot set the window to 1280X720 and have CamStudio work right. You have to set the window to 1279X719 in those cases. I have to do that on two computers that have 1280X1024 monitors hooked up. But, the needed extra pixel is added by the card, and my videos turn out the correct size and so work with Xvid.

    Here's the video to review again, if that helps.

  • Terry
    I have followed your instructions for setting up video and am finding if I use lossless codec my video (using VLC for playback) is pixelated and choppy but audio is fine. I have tried the settings as:
    1) Set Keyframes Every 25 frames/Capture Frames Every = 40milliseconds/ Playback Rate = 25 frames per second
    2) Set Keyframes Every 30 frames Capture Frames Every = 50 milliseconds/ Playback Rate = 20 frames per second.
    In both instances it has the same playback problem.
    I have also tried using Cinepack Codec by Radius and mucked around with the settings but with that one I get a one inch thick yellow line through the playback.
    I have the same problem whether I'm trying to record a web page with no flash/graphics/video or one with any of them.
    If I playback using WMP the image is slanted to the side and black and white... I prefer using VLC for playback but would appreciate a solution to either issue.
    Any ideas? I'm really loving the product and although my first video was over 1GB it was perfect! I need to produce good videos with lower file sizes.
  • edited March 2012

    Is this a recent copy of VLC? The reason I ask is that there was an outstanding bug (by their own admission) in VLC that took about a year to get fixed, but that recent versions had been working just fine.

    Anyway, the settings you have set in either 1 or 2 should work fine and exhibit perfect sync when using MCI to record.

    I no longer use the lossless codecs for any purposes at all, and have switched over to Xvid. When needs be, I convert that using Any Video Converter to MP4 custom so it plays in every imaginable player and works online. You'll be amazed how small your videos are even with a quality setting of 1 (highest) when using Xvid. I use Jawor's Xvid for the 720HD profile he includes. - get one that has 32-bit binaries, as those are the ones CamStudio will be using.

    Any slanting is usually due to the width and height not being even numbered.

    Use AnyVideoConverter to convert to MP4 custom that can be played on any player imaginable.

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