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I've bought fraps, and tried it. - Review inside

This link shows my review on the software:

Please keep obscene comments on CNET, not here. As for staff, now that you've seen how horrible fraps can perform, even on a good-end computer, it's an important thing to deal with.


  • coldReactive,

    I want to thank you for prodding me to finally give Xvid a good look and trial, and it has been performing extremely well with CamStudio. I recorded a 2-hour webinar today without a hitch (the file size of the temp.avi portion was miniscule, yet it did not look compressed at all!)

    Your test videos you did checking the priority settings made me check into it. I now feature those tests in my "How to Use CamStudio" playlist:

    (following the test patterns)

    Your information is well thought out and researched. I look forward to your contributions in the future!

    This thread
    [Req] Recommended settings for recording for 90 min.
    shows the convolutions gone through to record lengthy videos using other codecs. Xvid was the rescuer!

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    Thanks for putting me in the playlist. I'm also sorry the audio went out of sync mid-way through the showing off of each dealie though.

    Also, CCCP has an old version of FFMPEG, and will allow Camstudio to choose MSMPEG4. I should also tell you that the file xvid-msmpeg4 used FFMPEG, not xvid itself. (But the fourcc is xvid.)

    MSMPEG4 via FFMPEG is a very good way to record 3D Video actually. Your method works mainly for low-motion.
  • it seems like the main issue I was having is that fraps makes files on-the-fly, which, due to my pre-failing harddrive, was too much for it. With hte new harddrive, better processor (AMD 1100T) and thermaltake frio cooler, and 5 fanned HAF-X, fraps works a treat now, but still has issues with games like Eden Eternal.
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