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Another project on SourceForge with a similar name

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there is another project on SourceForge called camstudios (with the 's' at the end), that lets download files of the same names of yours but they contain malware.
The worst part is that on your homepage your download links, link to this project that contains malware.
Please correct the typo mistakes on your homepage that brought a malware on my computer.


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    Cam88, I looked at SourceForge and saw what you were posting about.

    Today it looks as if it's been pulled. If you have time, would you look to be sure I was looking at the right things and that it has been pulled?

    Thanks for the notification.

  • Hi!
    Yes, now the links in the homepage link to the right project. :)
  • Cam88 and booklover,

    I caught that glitch independently and notified Jan and Nick, and they rectified the issue. Thank goodness - the "camstudios" files were definitely different content - I'm glad they were not too malicious.

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    Can you confirm that it really "not too malicious" ? Since antivirus vendors are just starting to detect this trojan how can you be so sure?

    I've downloaded Camstudio on 23 June using the fake link found on this site and have detected that stuff only yesterday (hidden as a window service named "desktop window manager")

    I would be very pleased to know what this crapware may have done behind my back during all this time


    [EDIT] I'm not totally sure about the date of 23 june, maybe it was sooner (not at home for the moment, I'll be able to check later today).

    [EDIT#2] have been able to check again my download date in browser history: the effective download date was in fact June 11th.
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