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Need help editing Cam Studio avi files

edited June 2011 in General Discussion
I can make screen capture movies with no sound lag, no problems actually using Cam Studio. I watched the tutorials... But a full screen capture is way to big for sending and sharing online. I have about 5 different programs to resize videos, and convert avi s to wmv or mpgs. But when I try to convert a cam studio movie the movie plays at 2 to 10 x speed and the audio plays at normal speed. This happens every time. Crazy. I am using the default settings in cam studio from the videos. Except I have tried installing the lossless codec and it never shows up in my drop down box. Yes I retarded and tried uninstalling and reinstalling.

Is there something wrong with my computer? win 7. 64 bit. Quad core AMD processor 4 gigs Ram...




  • Why don't you set a fixed area to capture instead of full screen to start with? Then you won't have to fool with resizing the videos. I use the CamStudio Lossless Codec for screen captures, which is practically all I do, and then Windows Movie Maker if I need to edit the AVI file. I used to upload that wmv file produced by WMM to YouTube but recently have been converting to FLV before uploading, since it's a much smaller file.

    I can't help you with why the CS codec doesn't show up since mine showed the first time, but I've seen Terry help someone else with that problem (I apologize for not paying more attention), so maybe Terry will be along and tell you how to fix that problem (I promise I'll pay more attention this time).

    The same procedure works on my XP machine and my Win7 Pro 64 bit machine.

    Good luck!

  • Can anyone help me with the CS codec never showing up? both XP and Windows 7 64bit.
  • Soren, which version of CamStudio are you using, including the release number please?
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