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Bug Found: Polish caracters prevents proper file saving

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I've found bug in CamStudioRecorder v.2.6 bulid r294:

If there are Polish characters (ąćęłńóżź) in directory name, CamStudio is not able to save file with audio (it only prompts error message and save file *anyname*.wav (sic!) which contains movie without audio.)


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    I've told the developers about this. The oddest part of this is that it is offering to save the .avi file as a .wav extension!

    Any more information you can provide me with will be helpful, of course.

  • Just curious (and I could check it of course).
    Is Polish an extended language ( >255 tokens) or does it also use a plain ASCII table.
  • Polish characters are not represented by the ASCII character set. They are unicode and so probably encoded as UTF-16 since we are talking about windows. This means all of the code file I/O would have to be rewritten to use the wide character versions of fopen, fread, fwrite, fclose, etc...

    I have not investigated the code, but expect the .wav bit to be a side effect resulting from poor error handling when the original file functions fail.
  • Forgot the important part for the OP, try saving the file without the polish characters (or any characters that are not ASCII). After CamStudio has finished saving the file, you should be able to rename the .avi to the original name you desired.

    I understand this is a poor workaround to a well known internationalization issue, but the time required to fix it is significant.
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