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video wont play back

edited July 2011 in General Discussion
I skimmed through the posts but havent found an answer yet.. When i try and play back recorded video I get the message that file cannot be played. i get this with every player i have tried. I am using the microsoft codac and the last video i tried was 135mb. however this doesnt seem to be an issue all the time, maybe 1 out of 3 videos will play. Any suggestions?


  • and i am using windows 7
  • hodge,

    This is probably from using the free-form region selection tool. Try using the fixed region choice instead. 856X480 yields 480p for YouTube, while 1280X720 delivers 720p HD for YouTube.

  • Ok i will try that thanks
  • is it possible the codec im using? I only have about 4 options to pick from. Should i download others?
  • also i am using windows 7 64
  • did what you said and its working, thanks
  • hodge,


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