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Cam2.0 - vista swf files

edited September 2008 in Support
Just found your software.

I tried out 2.5 beta first and I love the option to select a window to record. The avi output is great, but when I try to generate swf the producer crashes (with an error that some exception happened and option to debug). Note them I am on Vista.

I don't have an appropriate debugger and I can not see any details about the exception.

So, I tried 2.0 and here the swf is produced but when I try to view it with irfanview I can only see fragments (small portions of the screen) of what I have recorded.

Is this a known issue or is it me doing something wrong.



  • Found the note about patching the html, so I can view the file in Firefox.

    However I do see the same problem that I can only see fragments of the screen I recorded.

  • Copied the 2.5b files over to my Win XP machine and copied mfc71.dll over to the same folder.

    On that machine I can generate swf files and view them without any issue.

    So, there must be an issue running it on Vista (note I have Aero theme active).

  • Werner

    Have you tried running SWF Producer in XP compatibility mode?


    Nick :o)
  • Nick,

    I gave up on it on the Vista box. As I have another box which runs still XP I use it to record and generate the swf.

    If you like me to try it just to narrow down the problem let me know.

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