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Enhancement requests - is this the right category?

edited September 2008 in General Discussion
I just started to have a look at CamStudio, I very much like what I see.

Would it be possible to get more zoom options and could they be defined in the recorder.

I.e. when playing I would like to show the screen a bit smaller then actual, probably about 90%, as I record on a 1024x768 resolution I would like to play the swf files so that they show everything (inclusive the control buttons) on a screen with 1024x768 resolution.



  • Yeah, that's a paradox isn't it? If you record full screen at 1024x768 it seems someone needs a screen larger than that to see your vid - clearly _and_ with full controls. If you record in SWF and then play with Windows Media Player (or others?), it will scale, but it's not pretty.
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