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Camstudio 2.5b and Screen Capture Lossless Codec and Youtube

edited September 2008 in General Discussion
I understand this is not a Youtube forum and that this is not a Screen Capture Lossless Codec forum but I really need some help and of course I am using CamStudio 2.5.
The problem is Youtube keeps rejecting my videos done with CamStudio and Screen Capture Lossless Codec.
Does anyone happen to know if this combo is supposed to deliver a video that Youtube should support?
If so, can someone please provide me CamStudio and SCLC best settings for the job?
Many thanks in advance.


  • I just changed the topic subject.
    I had erroneously written Single Click Lossless Codec instead of Screen Capture Lossless Codec.
    My apologies.
  • I do not think that Youtube has support for the MSU SCLC codec. That means that you either have to record with a different codec, or (my choice) convert the video afterwards.

    For conversion, I've used Virtualdub, which is a free download from My choice of codec would be either XviD ( or x264 ( The latter will give a little better results I think, but it is much slower.

    I would also do what is called a two pass encoding, meaning that the program will go through the video twice, analyzing it the first time, to get better compression. This naturally takes more time. If you do not feel like waiting a lot, use XviD with a single pass encoding. You would probably have to use higher bitrates to get the same quality.

    The process for a two pass encoding with Virtualdub is as follows:
    1) Open the video.
    2) Check that Full processing mode is selected in the video-menu.
    3) Go to Video --> Compression, and pick the codec of your choice from the list. Then click Configure.
    4) Set the codec to First pass, and Bitrate (meaning you set the quality by bitrate, not by a scale of eg. 1-50).
    5) With x264 you have to set a bitrate - I've found that 100 usually turns out good. With Xvid you do not need to set the bitrate for the first pass. Click OK and OK.
    6) Choose File --> Save as AVI. Make sure you check the box for "Don't run this job now, [...]". Click Save.
    7)Video --> Compression again, click configure.
    8) This time, set the codec to Multipass - Nth pass (x264) or Second pass (XviD). For XviD you need to set the bitrate now. From my limited experience, XviD needs a little higher bitrate, so set it to 150-200. Click OK and OK.
    9) File --> Save as AVI, check the same box. Save with the same filename to the same folder. (Normally you can just click OK, without changing anything.)
    10) Choose File --> Job control. There should be two items in the list, with status Waiting. Hit Start, and wait for it to finish.

    If you want to recompress the audio as well, you need to select Full processing mode from the audio menu, and choose the compression in Audio --> Compression. By default, Vdub will leave the audio as it is.
  • Well according to this topic blog
    MSU SCLC should be ok with youtube.
    Anyone else can give me a hand with this?
    Anyways, thanks for the tip on XviD.
  • That was two years ago, Youtube could easily have changed allowed formats since then. I've tried a couple of times myself, without success.
  • I did another test upload using the MSU Lossless codec and after 48 hours YouTube says it's still processing it - my feeling is YT's system doesn't like the codec.

    Incidentally, while messing around I discovered you can create a perfect video using the MSU codec, but you need to record a video using a different codec in CamStudio and then recode a new version using the MSU Lossless codec in VirtualDub. The vid comes out perfect, so it's obviously CamStudio is the problem when using the MSU codec.

    If I find a video site that allows videos with the MSU codec, I'll post it below.



    Nick :o)
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