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CS Observations and bugs

edited August 2011 in Code Contributions
CS has come a long way since i last tried it - it's a fun app to use. hat is off the devs and supporters!!!

few things...

on win (7) it does not respect temp environment variable. in my case my temp files are written to another drive and CS ignores this and writes to c:\windows\temp

i think it would nice when you draw a custom size area to capture, the rectangle would 'snap' to the nearest dimension divisible by 2 to avoid errors with codecs/settings that require a particular ratio, such as xvid HD 720. snapping to nearest compatible size might also be good for YouTube users, etc.

personally, i find the flashing rectangle annoying/distracting. if one is interested in FPS, which is what the flashing seems to represent (?), a small number could be drawn in a corner instead

if you draw a custom size rec and it's not compatible the codec, you get the error msg but also the rectangle remains visible on the screen

in the UI menu, the "Help" menu is wrapped to the next line and appears under the "File" menu (this is with default font and font size selected in windows, EN)

the Help > Help menu item does not open the included help file

putting the UI in one of the mini modes is nice, but then you cannot see if you're recording AVI of FLV - i think the icon should change to indicate this

if you have 2+ hotkeys set to NONE, with all boxes unchecked (meaning hotkey is disabled) you can't save and get an error about conflicting keys
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