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CamStudio screen capture in Firefox browser.

edited August 2011 in General Discussion
I was happy to find that Download Helper in my Firefox browser uses CamStudio for their screen capture. While I can't use it right now because of my update to FF6 and waiting for screen capture update to follow. I'm aware of the finicky needs of CamStudio to get it just right, and wonder if anyone tried this option? Has anyone had any luck? Did it ever really work? It sounds too good that CamStudio would be properly configured for FF browser, requiring just the click of an icon.


  • frickfrack,

    I've never heard of anyone trying to use CamStudio as a Firefox application. How are you expecting CamStudio to work in conjunction with Firefox and the Download Helper, exactly?

  • Terry; I tried the Firefox add-on version of CamStudio, which is/was “CSHelper”. It (v 2.6) came automatically with the Firefox update just previous to the latest one. If you had it with that version, you’ll still see its ghost in the form of a screen capture tab on the Download Helper drop down. It used a fixed region default and was a disaster, although you could use the preferences choices to launch the free-standing program, which you need to do anyway in order to make necessary audio and video options choices.

  • bmoreken,

    Ah - thanks! I looked it up. I can't see the use of it, since I have CamStudio in a shortcut available at all times to call up anyway. But, if you could call up a customized configuration that worked for most instances, I could see its use for that. Of course, CamStudio really needs a quick config-loader to allow switching configuration profiles for different uses, and perhaps this can be modified to allow that somehow.

    I really hate all these updates of FireFox killing my add-ons like every week lately! :-(

    Must be hell being an add-on author and having to keep up with these things. I'll try to hook up via email with the developer of this CSHelper add-on and see how he/she thinks the development of this one is going to progress.

  • Thanks Terry & bmoreken.
    Just was curious and looking for comments, which you have provided. Having some experience with CamStudio, and configuration adjustments, I really doubt 100% satisfaction for now (or ever). If a person used for a primary purpose (say Hulu only) then perhaps. While I can't use it yet, pending following updates, I'll advise if I have any luck.
  • Hi,

    Using the DownloadHelper 4.9.5 ( and CSHelper 1.0 ( extensions should work on Firefox up to 7.0.

    Using CamStudio that way (from CSHelper) should work right away, but you'll probably also need to install the XVID version embedded into CSHelper (check the extension preferences) to get a better quality and also allow audio recording which is disabled by default.
  • mig,

    Cool! Thanks for the heads-up, mig!

  • Frickfrack, you are right. I have Firefox 6, and have been using DownloadHelper for some time. Some months ago, I saw that DownloadHelper had an extension that would allow one to do a screen capture of videos that DownloadHelper could not normally download. When I indicated that I wanted to use it, I needed to install CSHelper. It does the installation in the background and works smoothly.

    They give an explanation of it at:

  • Samsi01 and mig- Thanks for the help. I haven't tried using it for a while, but sounds like I'm "good to go".
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