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Most things not work at last time!

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Guys i really need your help, i use camstudio since 1 year i think and it has work perfectly.

But since i reinstalled it (new computer) it only has problems and this is really bad because i already lost some vids what was really important for me!
Some of the problems are that you see in just 1 frame 50 pictures in it cant explain this good but the video is useless then.
other problem is sometimes that i record a hour around and laterthere it shows only 4 mins. Never got problems before 1months but since i got the newc computer and already installed it sometimes it only more has problems :(

Please Help me Greetings


  • noone answer??
  • ShockCold,

    I'll need to know what your settings are in Video Options and your sound settings would be helpful also. Heck, give me as many settings as you can!

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