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Record while "silent"

edited September 2011 in General Discussion
I have 2 PCs in the same room. On PC#1 (a laptop), I want to record a video with audio, while I work on PC#2. The thing is that I can't concentrate on my work on PC#2 while hearing the audio from PC#1. So I want to record the audio, but not have it play at the time of the recording.

I've tried various settings, but, when I turn any of the sound off while recording, then it also doesn't capture the audio at all. (Moving the PC into another room isn't an option :-). I also tried plugging a headset into PC#1 (the laptop), but then the sound recorded is really awful.

Any suggestions appreciated.



  • You might look at VirtualDub (free) and consider later laying your soundtrack (recorded separately as I understand it) into the video that you recorded with no sound. I'm assuming your audio will be music or something else for which syncing isn't important.

    I may not be understanding the problem, and I've not used it that way but do know that audio track can be fairly easily stripped out, so the reverse should be true.
  • Thanks, booklover, but no, it's not music. I want the original audio to be recorded - I just don't want to have it playing while I'm doing the recording. 100% accuracy with the sync is not required, so if it's a little out, that's ok, but it can't be completely out.
  • samsi01,

    First, of course, what operating system are you using?

    Windows 7 allows me to turn down the main volume under "Speakers Properties" when using Stereo Mix, which I assume you are doing. The topmost slider can be muted. Scrolling down to the bottom, there is a slider called "Front" which controls the levels sent to Stereo Mix.

    That won't be very helpful with XP or Vista, perhaps, but was an interesting thing that I noticed. I'll try to find a way on my XP laptop over the weekend.

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