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Problem using ZoomIt

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I gave ZoomIt a go after reading something about it in the tips and tricks with Camstudio. Although I'm getting some unexpected behavior from it.

When I zoom I see the window(s) that are open but any content with the window boundary goes white (blank) when I zoom all the way out the content comes back. Although if I bring something up like windows explorer there's no problem.

I do run some of Stardock's desktop customization apps. I terminated these programs and I still have the results. Oh! And I'm not even recording anything, just getting familiar with the app.

Any ideas??

OS: Windows Vista 64-bit


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    I don't know - I've never witnessed this problem, and run Win 7 64-bit. May be a video driver issue, so go get the latest drivers and see if the issue persists.

    This uses a very basic Windows system call, (written, as it is, by Microsoft's SysInternals folks), so you'd have to blame your video driver for any incompatibilities in this case. Probably will be fixed.

    Do you have the latest version of ZoomIt?

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    Thank you for the reply!

    I jump on the MS SysInternals forums and really didn't get much help. I did youtube my problem though.

    And I am running the most current NVIDIA drivers.

    I even tried another similar app named QZoom .. and I got the same behavior.

    I have to add a comment. It appears only to be Mozilla programs ( Firefox & Thunderbird ). Why? I have no idea! I opened up chrome and went all over the place while zoomed it and it acted properly.
  • MrBiggz,

    Well, I cannot thank you enough for isolating that the problem occurs only with Firefox and Thunderbird! I use Firefox for most of my web-based presentations, but just hadn't been "bitten" by this bug YET! I will be using Chrome for those recordings in the future.

    Who knows how they have written their screen-writing routines... Perhaps this was one of the bugs fixed in the new Firefox 7???

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