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CamStudio for Gaming

edited January 2012 in Support
I tried to use it for my game, but it didn't record the gaming screen, just the desktop.
Help? Audio and whatnot all works fine now.


  • Are you playing in a window? From what I've heard, Camstudio doesn't do fullscreen very well.
  • Hi William

    Can you give us more information?

    What version of Windows?
    What game you're trying to record?
    Full screen or in a window?
    Video and audio codecs used and their settings?


    Nick :o)
  • I've done all of my Let's Play videos (for YouTube) so far with CamStudio 2.0. Most of what I've done so far have been DOSBox games, which are well-suited to recording as a "fixed region" (mine is 640x400). I've also done a Let's Play of King of Dragon Pass, which is a Windows game and plays "full-screen"; however, the screen graphics cover only a portion of the screen (640x500, I think), so "fixed region" works with that game, too.
    However: a) the larger the region, the larger the file size (my KODP episodes were typically at least 20% larger than a DOSBox game episode of the same length);
    and b) newer games with a lot of on-screen animation (such as the Baldur's Gate series) don't seem to play nice with CamStudio (but anything that runs in DOSBox will usually record just fine).
    I use the CamStudio Lossless Codec 1.4 with CamStudio 2.0, and I have the "Use MCI Recording" box checked in Audio Options. I followed TBritton's instructions for setting my Windows 7 computer up to record both gameplay audio & narration through the stereo mix. (I had his YouTube series of CamStudio tutorials up while doing the setup!)
  • You may get even better results trying Jawor's Xvid, which will allow larger regions like 1280X720 without any degradation and with small file sizes yet! (32-bit version for CamStudio)

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