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How to make a Window a fixed size?

edited December 2008 in General Discussion
I'm just starting out with Cam Studio and I'm doing some screencasts about using Paint Shop Pro.

I resize PSP for a decent size about 1000x800 and record the screen and my voice at the same time. After recording I import the sound and video into Sony Vegas Movie Studio 9 and edit the video and the sound. I put an example on Vimeo:

Things are working out quite good but I have a few questions for you:

- Do you know a method of making a program window an exact size? (I'm using Windows XP)
- Is it possible to make Cam studio record in mono? It only records in stereo from my RME Multiface.
- Is there a way to record a window instead of selecting a region? My Cam studio says version 2.00




  • 1. Yes, for instance with the small program Sizer:
    2. I think so, but I'm not sure.
    3. Camstudio 2.5 (still in beta) has this feature:
  • Thanks, that's a great little piece of software for sizing windows.

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