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Hi all,

I'm trying to record a quicktime movie from the internet,
the picture is ok but the sound is gargled.
I've tried several codecs of which none work.


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    What method are you using to record the audio?

    Stereo Mix (not all sound cards support it, and usually it is disabled by default)
    Hardwire (Audio Output plugged into Line in / Mic)
    Mic pointed at speaker

    You might want to look at the following thread which mentions the Hardwire and Stereo Mix methods:
  • KevKev
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    Top Man Cheers.
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    I'm curious, what method you were using, and what you are using now?
    Did anything else solve your problem?

    You details might help someone else too...
  • I just tried to record a tutorial of the net.
    The same way I do when I record one.
    It didn't enter my mind that I wasn't using a mic.
    So I followed your Vista link and activated Stereo Mix.
    I've now copied the tut from the net.
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