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Format / Settings for Higher speed format

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I was using version 2.0 last night and I had some problem with the files I recorded being corrupt. I did just upgrade to the latest version and am going to try again. I wanted to ask if I should be using different settings.

I'm using the Cam Studio Lossless Codec and have the Quality set to 100. The framerate in my settings is currently set to autoadjust.

What I am doing is trying to record a facebook tutorial showing the new timeline. There are a ton of graphic that load really quickly and I am scrolling around a lot. When I recorded with the quality set to 90, I had a lot of ghosting of the images as I scrolled and the colors of the images were very weird / inverted in the final video, so that is why I had to bump it to 100.

I would like to end up with a 1080 resolution video that looks really nice and smooth. I don't care how big the recorded file is. I'm using a i7 2.8 with 16GB of ram. So I have no problems at all recording, it's just been once I stop the recording something fails and the file is corrupt (the files are between 2 to 4GB that become corrupt, smaller files playback fine).

Should I be using any different settings or doing anything differently to help avoid this problem with the large files getting corrupted?

Thanks so much;



  • There is a 2 giga-byte file size limit on the AVI-1 videos that CamStudio produces, so you are bound by that limitation with no way out. So, you have to use good compression on the video. I recommend Jawor's Xvid (google for that) set to the HD720 profile with a quality setting of 1 to 4. Be certain to click the "Other Options" button and un-check "Display encoding status window" or you'll be annoyed by that darn thing.

    Set Keyframes Every 30 to 200.
    Set Capture Frame Every to, eh... 50 should make you happy for tutorials.
    Set playback rate to 20
    Those last two should always sum to 1000 when multiplied.

    Watch the videos in the sticky post above. They are fantastic as a help.

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