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CamStudio doesn't pick up my audio from a logitech USB microphone though it detects it

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hello all,
I'm currently having a slight issue here where CamStudio will record just fine, but when I set my audio device through audio>options for microphone, though it detects my USB logitech microphone, it will not pick up my voice coming through it. What other settings do I need to change for this to work? I can't get your help file to load via the main interface. Thank you very much. I checked to ensure that when I exit the menu, the USB mic is showing up as the microphone to use. I'm on Windows 7/Server 2008 R2. If you need any more information, please ask.


  • In windows 7, you don't set the input device via CamStudio's audio settings - you have to set it via the "Record" tab of the Win7 audio panel. Right-click on the headset mic and select it as the default device.

    Let me know if that doesn't work, though!

  • Thank you very much for the tip. I'll check and see what is set as the default, though one of the issues was that I didn't have the record audio checkbox checked though for some reason.
  • Heh... that'll do it as well! :-)

  • I'd in fact suggest that recording audio should be default because you never know who's watching. In fact, I have to have audio on videos like this since I won't be able to tell what is happening otherwise. I'm as blind as a bat if you're wondering why. But another thing just happened now that I'm also wondering about. I also installed Cam Studio on my server running Server 2008 R2 and I can definitely get audio with my USB microphone set as the default device (audio is enabled on the server), yet for some odd reason, Cam Studio can't seem to sync up the audio content with the video. Why is that, I wonder? I have everything configured at the best quality, compression is set to PCM, and the input device is set to the default. Yet the files are coming up separately with an avi video file and then a wav audio file coming after it. Is this a server 2008 thing? Thanks.
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    The files record as separate audio and video until you press stop (NOT CLOSE!!!) Then they are combined into an AVI-1 file (2GB file size limit on the video).

    Did you see the video I did on how to get the best sync? No??? Here it is! (Watch full-screen at 720p, please...)

    This one is worth the time as well:

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    Thanks for the videos. So it sounds like you're not recommending Xvid, right? Because that's what I had going over there with Lame Encoder compressing the audio, which works on my laptop in Windows 7, but not in Windows Server. With Server, I don't get any audio at all with those settings. I'll try with MCI and Microsoft Video 1.
  • I must recommend Xvid 3 or 4 thousand times on this forum here... Where on earth did you get that I didn't??? (I am fanboy number one for Jawor's Xvid and profiles!)

    Don't use the darn LAME encoder - use the MCI to Record setting - compress to AC3 audio in an MP4 using any video converter later on. LAME is, well, lame for holding sync.

    If you use Microsoft Video 1, I will laugh at you. Seriously. Are you going to watch the secrets of camstudio webinar?

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