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Can't play recorded AVI, over 4gbs

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I downloaded CamStudio and had to use it right away, so I didn't have time to configure it. I recorded a portion of the screen for about 30 mins. Once I'm done the player couldn't play the file. I realize it's over 4gbs. I'm trying with VirtualDub but all it does is make another file which is 400mb, and 1 minute long. This is what it says when I open the file in VD:

[!] AVI: Index not found or damaged -- reconstructing via file scan.

[!] AVI: Invalid chunk detected at 2056. Enabling aggressive recovery mode.

[!] AVI: Keyframe flag reconstruction was not specified in open options and
the video stream is not a known keyframe-only type. Seeking in the video
stream may be extremely slow.

I'm not sure what to try, any help?


  • I see you had checked the "Options" checkbox upon loading the video, so it offered to try to rebuild your keyframes, correct?

    If you don't know what I'm talking about, that's understandable! - when you load an AVI file, there is a checkbox in the lower-left corner of the open dialog that says, "Ask for extended options after this dialog" - and if you check it, it has an option to rebuild the keyframes as the first choice, "Re-derive Keyframe Flags". At least perform that action on the file. If it opens, your possibly going to be able to output it (use the direct streaming option if you want the same codec, but I'd likely try that first, to get a fixed version, but then re-compress in another codec.)

    Download Xvid today, please! You'll be able to record hours of video (test with your setup) and stay under the 2GB max file size even with "Use MCI to Record" checked (which I recommend - see my other threads on best settings and such...)


  • Thank you for replying!

    I did check that box because I read it on another thread, but I didn't without knowing what for. I think I also checked Re-Derive Keyframe Flags but the file was still 40 seconds long in VD, instead of the original 30 mins.

    I've been googling this problem and I've tried a program called MediaCoder. I played the file with that program and it was 15 mins long. I could see the video fine for about 5 minutes and then it crashed. Without really knowing what I'm doing I clicked on encode, and went to sleep. It's know been "Encoding" for 9 hours... I don't know where it saves the temporary file or if it's even doing anything.
  • If you recover it, please do tell us how you did it. This is an often encountered situation with people new to the program who do not suspect there is a 2GB file size limit. I've personally only ever recovered files just a little over that size.

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    I'm glad to say I somewhat recovered it. Using FormatFactory, converting to mp4, the file is now 5mins long and I've no idea where those other 10 minutes are, but I'm tired of trying and at least it's something. The most interesting part is that the file went from 4gb to 7mb.

    I'm trying to set up the Xvid thing you mentioned, but I have no idea how and can't find any tutorials.
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    Heh - that is probably the raw video size! Wow - pretty huge!

    Search for Jawor's Xvid, install AT LEAST the 32-bit version, configure it for the 720HD profile, set the quality to 1-4 or so (experiment), click on the "More options" button and un-check "Display Encoding Status", then use it to make a video.

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