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Recover .avi from two .wav files

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First time using camstudio here. I chose to save using the default avi - microsoft video 1. I have now learnt that the limit of the file is 2gb. When i ended the recording i recieved and error and found two .wav files and a text file (20120321_0757_29.txt). One file (~temp-20120321_0757_29.wav) is 53mb and when opened i can hear the audio. The other file (20120321_0757_29.wav) is 2.1Gb and when opened gives an error. This file is much larger about 2.1Gb i assume this is the video content. Is it possible to recover this video somehow and merge with the audio?

In future how can I save files greater then 2gb?



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    You absolutely must stop the recording and start a new one to record sessions that will go over 2GB. This is not because of CamStudio directly, but is because this version employs the AVI-1 specification from days past. There now is an AVI-2 spec which we will endeavor to update the software to use.

    Meanwhile - using VirtualDub, you might be able to recover your files.

    When opening the file, the main thing to do is check the box at the lower left that allows you to see further options upon opening the file. Then select at least the first one that rebuilds the keyframes. Save in Direct Streaming mode for the video. Then attempt to bring in the audio and put them together.

    This is not fun, and I've not done it in several years myself, so I hope that information is adequate to get you started. Please post back here with any other questions, or additionally post to the VirtualDub forums. If you have success, it would be fantastic if you could report back here how you accomplished it!

  • Thank you sooo much!

    Did just as you said

    Virtual Dub -> Open File with advanced options checked -> selected the first check box to rebuild key frames -> loaded the audio file -> changed frame rate to 15fps -> saved as avi

    Your helps been greatly appreciated! will watch that 2gb limit in future! :-D
  • surferpete89,

    Well, that's some really good news! Thanks for letting me know it worked! :-)

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