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Error with xvid,divx and camstudio version and Camstudio v 2.6 Build on svn release r294

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Everytime I choose xvid in the video options I get an dialog that says "CamStudio could not record the AVI file using the current compressor. Use default compressor instead"
this happenes every time that I try to use xvid. When I open the video options to choose a compressor Dvix does not even show up in the list. This has been a continuing problem for months. Can anyone help me


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    Yes, this is due to the fact that the dimensions of your recording region are required to be even numbered ones for all MP4 based codecs, which Xvid and Divx both are. DivX, in fact, used to require one of those dimensions to be divisible by 4! (I don't use it, and it has been broken for over a year with CamStudio.)

    I use Xvid - specifically Jawor's Xvid (32-bit binaries required by CamStudio) for just about everything using his 720HD profile. Make sure to click the More Options button when configuring and un-check the "Display Encoding Status" item. I ALWAYS use the highest quality (1) and get small enough recordings even when using MCI to record (which you should for good sync).

    Use AnyVideoConverter to convert to MP4 custom that can be played on any player imaginable.

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