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latest version 2.6 R294 not recording region chosen

edited April 2012 in Support
Win 7 64bit - had trouble so removed Cam and installed newest version but the same issue remains.
It is recording the top part of a region about 1 inch tot he outside and cannot even see the other three blink bars of the corner - it appears to be recording everything in a large fashion so nothing fits on the screen.
Tried Full - window Fixed region and region. All give the same result of not recording what is chosen and enlargin what is recorded to only capture the top left portion and making it huge..

Please help


  • bheard,

    What codec are you using? (it is found in the Video Options page from the drop-down list). I've heard of this once before, but at the moment cannot remember what caused it. Also, what resolution is your monitor screen set at?

    If you do use Fixed Region, try a standard like 1280X720 (that's 720p HD) - that works with most of the codecs. Frankly, I like Xvid, and use the "flavor" called "Jawor's Xvid" using his 720HD profile.

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