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Unable to open a .avi file created by Camstudio

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Hi Guys,
Alot of you might have faced this problem so did I, I was doing a screen capture I paused the recording but before I can make it stop my laptop got discharged. Now when I tried to open the file after I restarted my Laptop its not opening I tried to search for this on the forum also i downloaded the virtual dub and tried opening the file through it as well but no luck. Please hlep me out this is a very important video of lecture recorded I can't afford to loose it please guide me to make it work.



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    When you open the file in VirtualDub, make sure the checkbox in the lower-left of the open dialog offering more options when you open it is checked, then select the topmost item in the list that appears allowing you to rebuild the frames. This often rescues the file. Then load the audio file and export using a compression of some kind into AVI. If you don't select a compressor, it will export raw, and that's not what you want.

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