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Odd twist on the "Flashing" problem?

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I installed CamStudio on an unused office PC so it could record a Webinar while I continued work on my own PC. I selected the area to be recorded and set several other options, then clicked the red Record button when the 45-minute meeting began. When it ended I walked over to the PC to stop CamStudio. Couldn't find it. Tried tabbing through all open screens/programs but no luck. So I started turning things off like Chrome, open Explorer windows, etc. Still couldn't figure out where CamStudio went, especially when its icon was highlighted in the task bar the way any of my software is when it's active. Opened the Task Manager under Applications and saw something with the CamStudio icon but the name Flashing. No other running applications/programs. It took several tries to kill "Flashing." I thought maybe CamStudio had never actually launched or had crashed during the Webinar. So I went looking for the .avi file and found it, along with a modification date/time that matched when the meeting ended. But with the name ~temp-20120418_1302_40.avi. Windows Media Player can't open it. What the heck is going on?


  • It was in the system tray, most likely.

    Sorry about that - it was likely a bad design decision to allow it to go there.

    If you do not minimize, I believe it will stay in the taskbar where it should be!

  • OK. I'm still kind of surprised that I didn't see it via the tabbing process; that usually shows everything. I've searched the forum here and found additional info about what went wrong. My AVI file size exceeded the secret 2 gigabyte limit, which means that's probably what went wrong, not CamStudio. Thought I had the right codec and settings to keep it small, but will have to look again and make sure.
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    Oh, yes - that would do it!

    Try using these two programs:

    Jawor's Xvid with 720HD or Home profile setting (you may need to click the "More Options" button at the bottom and un-check "Display Encoding Window")


    Any Video Converter to make these play in any media player - just convert your CamStudio vids to MPEG-4 custom.

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