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Recording sound with CS 2.6

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Hello everyone, I just joined! :-)

A few years ago I tried the version of CS available then and it didn't work out for me. I'm pretty sure it was because of an inability to record sound the way I needed it to. It could record from a mic plugged into the PC or it could record the sound heard coming out of the PC by the PC's internal mic - which sounded really bad and distant.

I'm about to give v2.6 a try and I read the recent post about sound but I still want to double check on this. If, for example, I video with sound is playing on my PC and the sound is coming out from the speakers, will it record the video's sound directly from the sound CARD - that is, record the audio stereo signal developed by the sound card, so the recorded result is clean and good quality?

Thanks for clarifying,


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    If you have "Stereo Mix" available on your computer, then this is very easy to do. There are some videos covering that subject in the sticky-threads at the top. However, if you don't have "Stereo Mix" then you are going to have a difficult time, likely needing patch cords or a mixer. Many manufacturers do not include "Stereo Mix" likely in abeyance to RIAA requests due to the RIAA's belief that its availability assists in copyright infringement and illegal copying. Perhaps, but not enough to warrant inconveniencing so many legitimate users, IMHO. Anyway, that might be why you may not have it.

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