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Recording audio adds hours to the video length

edited May 2012 in Support
I assume this has something to do with the audio compression, but I'm not sure how to go about fixing this. If I just record video only, everything works completely fine. However, when I go to record audio from either my microphone or speakers, the video is always much, much longer. I recorded a 9-minute gameplay video today, and after it finished compressing the audio, the video was 1 hour, 39 minutes long, with everything past 9 minutes being just a black screen with no audio.

I'm easily able to fix this by just trimming off the end of the video when I edit it, and since I save it again anyway to reduce the file size, it doesn't take any more time than it should normally. But I was wondering if there was any way to fix this, or to tell me what my problem is. My settings are as follows:

Audio Compression Format: Cyberlink MPEG 1 Layer-3
Attributes: 64 kBit/s, 22,050 Hz, Stereo, 7 kB/sec (only option available)

Recording format: 22.05 kHz, stereo, 16-bit
Interleave every 1 frame


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    For short videos like that, use MCI to record - watch the videos referenced in the sticky posts at the top concerning audio/video sync to understand why, or read the article on that at

    Use Xvid (or Jawor's Xvid, my favorite flavor) for the video, then convert to MPEG-4 custom with Any Video Converter so it will play well in any media player.

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