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Missing AVI files after recording with CS 2.5b in Vista

edited April 2009 in Support
Hello, Camstudio users! I love this program so far but am having a bit of a problem. It involves retrieving and/or saving what I've recorded. I currently use a laptop with Vista 64bit SP1.

I installed Camstudio 2.5 beta and have had success in tweaking almost all the settings for my needs. When I finish recording an AVI file, as a test to see if I like the settings I've made, it asks for a name. I name the file and watch it play rather beautifully on my default player (Windows Media Player). So far, no problems.

However, whenever I try to search for that recorded file, I cannot find it anywhere -- not in the folder I specified, not anywhere on my PC. It's gone. I've noticed that if I record a new video, and when I'm asked to name it, I can see the first file in the folder that my PC says is empty! I can't access any of my AVI files at all.

Is this a Vista bug of some kind or should I give up on this and use CS 2.0 instead... perhaps it's a .AVI issue?

I must note that when I installed Camstudio 2.5b, I placed it in the "C/:Program Files (x86)" folder and not in the "C:/Program Files" folder that one would normally do in XP. I didn't realize that there would be two folders when I first got my laptop. Could this possibly be the source of the problem? I'm not certain what the "x86" is all about.

I've also have been unable to install Lame MP3 codec, no matter what I do and no matter how many tutorials I've found on the internet about that problem. It seems to be similar to what I'm experiencing with CS 2.5b.

Any help or suggestions that you can offer me would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


  • Here is the quick answer:
    Using Windows Explorer, open up C:\Program Files\CamStudio - underneath the File, Edit, Tools, etc. you should see a Organize, Views, etc.

    Is there a button called Compatibility Files with a folder icon?

    If there is, you can click that and access your recorded videos.
    For more info see this related post...
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