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Lossless Codec - Distorted Image, Colors after uploading to Youtube / converting to mp4

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I can record a screencast with lossless codec and watch this on the same machine with VLC. When I convert the video (I tried free ipad video converter on same machine) to mp4 or if I upload the video to youtube the image is distorted (diagonally) and the colors are incorrect.

Here is an example:

I was not able to find a solution for the problem in this forum. Is this a known problem? It would be greatly appreceated if someone has a tipp if this is a bug or if I did something wrong.


  • janl,

    YouTube converts all videos to an MPEG-4 format that requires that your width and height both be even numbered values. If you have an existing video with an odd-sized width or height, you can use VirtualDub's "Crop" effect to fix it, and then upload it to YouTube again.

    I recommend strongly against using lossless codecs unless you are requiring archival quality, which most videos certainly do not require. You also are cutting down on how long a video you can create without crashing due to going over the 2-gigabyte size limit.

    I'll make a video soon showing how to do the cropping in VirtualDub, but it is fairly straightforward.

  • thank you for your helpfull comment :-) I'll try Virtual Dub
  • edited May 2012
    i took xvid to avoid the problem - virtual dub is a bit complex
  • janl,

    I totally agree about VirtualDub being complex!

    Sorry about the delay - I'll get a tutorial up today.

  • janl,

    Here is the video on using VirtualDub to fix oversized AND skewed originals so they will upload to YouTube ok.

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