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Unable to open file *.avi

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Hi, I have recorded my screen for a couple of minutes and when I tried to stop it, there was an error which I didn't pay attention to. When it came down to watching the clip that I recorded there was that error: "Unable to open file path/123.avi". The file is 2.16GB which I acknowledge that over 2GB, there's always, somehow, an error that comes up. I still think there's someone somewhere that knows the answer to this, because there can't be a restriction for an open source application, that wouldn't make any sense, wouldn't it? I have tried every possible video player I know. Is there some sort of a codec that can fix this? Do I need to download the lossless codec, or DID I NEEDED to download it before recording? There's also no duration time in the proprieties of the file, if this is of any help...

Help me, this file really needs to work.

Thanks a lot for your time !



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    Use Xvid. Be happy. Home or 720 HD profiles. I like Jawor's Xvid "flavor" for his profiles.

    The limitation is due to the original program using the AVI-1 spec, which does not permit files over 2-GB in size. IF we could get/hire a programmer to bring this project up to speed, we could instead employ the AVI-2 spec, which has no file size limitations.

    (Note: donations to the CamStudio project all go towards the hiring of such a programmer, FYI...)

    Watch the latest videos I've posted at YouTube to get the important settings right.

    All the files you'll need to download are listed in the info area at YouTube for that video.

    I'm creating a video soon that shows how to fix videos that go just over-size using VirtualDub. Watch for that - perhaps subscribe to my channel and check the box requesting email notifications.

  • Wow thank you very much Terry! I have subscribed myself to your youtube channel. I'm deeply thankful !
  • jon1988,

    Cool! :-)

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