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How do you record audio from microphone?

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My problem is the one in the title. I am asking because I didn't find any tutorial on youtube. If there is one... I am sorry.



  • razputin100,

    I did a series of tutorials - some of them discuss audio.

    A helpful user did share that checking "Use MCI to record" does not work with some Realtek audio cards when using a USB mic, but it works for all other configurations.

    Let me know if you run into any problems! (Or even if you don't!) :-)

  • I haven't found any video of how to record audio from microphone and speakers on windows XP. I found another tutorial but that didn't work either.

  • Somewhere in here there should be one.

    ONLY use "Record audio from Microphone" and the "Audio Options for Microphone" settings in conjunction with your system audio settings. If you have an old card, you may have to ignore the advice to check "Use MCI to record" and leave that unchecked, using PCM at 16-bits, 44.1MHZ instead.

  • I watched your playlist and you only show how to record sound from the stereo mix on windows XP. The only one in wich you show how to record with mic is for windows 7.
  • razputin100,

    Actually, I mention the steps many times in several of the videos there, but not as a featured video. I'll make on that only focuses on the audio aspect. Subscribe to the channel with notifications or watch this space up top for my announcement.

  • Is it wrong if I don't have LAME MP3 in the options for microphone on Camstudio?
  • edited June 2012

    You'd need to install LAME MP3 from something like the K-Lite Codec Pack Mega (do not install too many darn codecs or your machine will break). I discourage using MP3 during recording as it usually knocks the sync with the audio and video off after just a few minutes.

  • i want to creat photoshop tutorial with my talking sound i try more times but didnt possible plz suggest me how it possibel........
  • rahulborele,

    Are you using a mic plugged into the microphone input, or a USB headset mic? Also, which operating system are you on?

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