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Camstudio crashes as soon as I start



  • Well still have no idea what the problem is with camstudio but I downloaded Hypercam and it works fine with all codecs.
  • I wonder if it had to do with the temp file location being used or the file-save location? The default is to use the program files folder. In Options/Program Options/Directory for Recording you can set the directory for the temp files to go in (highly recommended that you make a folder in your videos folder for "CamStudio Temp Files"). Similarly, in Options/Program Options/Name of AVI File, setting that to "Ask for filename" allows you to save the video to a selected folder (Perhaps a CamStudio Videos folder).

    I'm glad Hypercam is working well for you, VaHam. It is a good program and has been for several years.

  • Thanks Terry I had tried all three options for temp files and both ask and auto chocies for saves but none worked. I am pretty sure it must be some file permission dependency but for the life of me I can find it!
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