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capturing full screen game

edited December 2012 in Common Tips & Tricks
hi, I`m trying to capture some full screen game play. but when I try to do so, the desktop and program are capturing but when entering the game the captur goes black. the game layer is not captured by the program. I`ve altered the settings to just capture a screen area, but with the same result. Appreciate any response on this..


  • Kobra,

    Is the setting, "options/program options/Capture Transluscent/Layered windows" checked or unchecked? Try toggling that.

  • thanks for the tip but it didn`t help.. I can`t find any other in program setting that correlates with full screen applications that replace the dektop.. should it be possible according to program specs I wonder??
  • Kobra,

    Try viewing the video you make in other media players, like VLC, RealPlayer, etc. to see if it is only losing the video content due to the way the player works. Sometimes, a conversion activity using AnyVideoConverter or VirtualDub to a different compression method will correct the problem.

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