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Error message when trying to record while audio is compressing

edited May 2013 in Support
Hi all,

I was wondering whether it was possible to start a new recording while Cam Studio is compressing what I had just recorded? I never had a problem doing this i.e. when Cam Studio shows "compressing _%", I would press the record button and it would work fine. When the compression ended, I could save the 2nd recording as well.

However recently it hasn't worked and instead I get the error message about "Cam Studio has encountered a problem and needs to close" and I lose everything.

Was wondering what could be the reason I could previously record while compressing but can't do so now??

I am aware of Terry's suggestion to use multiple Cam Studio programs to record one after the other but I was hoping that just one program could do it (especially since I somehow managed to do so before).

Thanks in advance for your help.


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