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Timestamp in upper left corner


I'm new to CamStudio and I love it.

My problem is that I cannot get rid of the timestamp displayed at the upper left corner of my video.
I tried to check/uncheck «Effects->Annotations->Add System Time Stamp» with no success.

I use CamStudio 2.6 with Windows 7.

Thank you for your help.


  • CPUBound,

    Try starting CamStudio as an administrator - you may have settings that are sticking due to that.

    Can you check/uncheck other options in there?

  • Terry,

    My mistake, it works correctly...
    I didn't use CS default player... The one I used is displaying timestamp by default.
    My bad.....

    Thank you.
  • CPUBound,

    Heh - glad it was only that!

    BTW - the CS default player sucks - use Windows Media Player! :-)

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