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what can i say about this shit......

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14 h

I go to a customer to give him an informatic lesson. I install on his computer the k-lite codec, i started camstudio portable 2.0 from portabbleapps, i test it with 15 s of video with his machine, it work, (xvid to compress video and lame mp3 to compress audio). I tel him "thanks to the microphone incorporated with your webcam, i will do a video of all the lesson, of what's happening on the screen and all the discussion into a video, you will not have to take writing notes"....

15 h

end of the lesson, i stop the recording, indicates the path to put the video in, camstudio start to compressing audio and....crash miserably....and it screw up one lesson....a 600 Mo file that mplayer was unable to read....so what is this shit....
i'm very angry, and i lose face with respect to the customer. So Iwant to say camstudio is unstable, unreliable, maybe it is with pcm audio, but at least we have a 1 TO file....(I'm exaggerating but ... the facts are there)

Here is a rant of someone who thought your software were great, but think now i do not know what to expect with this.
and it is worst with the 2.6 than the 2.0 (preference of audio compressing are not saved in 2.6)


  • I'm sorry to hear this. Have you watched my recent videos on YouTube? I am hoping those will help get you running.

    CamStudio usually crashes with videos that are over the 2 gigabyte size limit that its AVI-1 container limits it to. But you say you stayed way under that. So, I don't know what caused it. Can you make a short video showing your settings?

    Meanwhile, there is a short video on using VirtualDub to attempt to rescue a video mentioned in the sticky posts up top. Try that method to see if you can salvage the video.


    Thousands of people have made several thousands of videos using CamStudio - with sound, as tutorial videos with little motion as well as high-motion videos. I believe we can likely get you up and running smoothly, but I could use a little more information.

    Do use the newer CamStudio versions - due to changes in Win7 and Windows Updates, the portable version is only working on some machines reliably, from what I understand.

    See this post for instructions on how to install the newer versions:


  • ok, i finally give up the mp3 conversion, htis is THE thing i don't understand in camstudio : when i use pcm "compression" with mci recording, everything works fine, no delay, no "fast voice", no "helium voice".....and you have a big file... BUT once i try to encode audio in mp3.....it's a disaster.....
    So, does exist a PORTABLE (very important) software to re-encode the sound in mp3 WITHOUT re encode the video ?
  • cdum,

    I've been noticing folks having better luck lately with the PCM 44.1MHz 16-bit "compression" setting and "Use MCI to record" being unchecked. This is a recent thing, perhaps due to a Windows update recently.

    I've NEVER had good luck using MP3 compression, not during the recording nor afterward in post production. The sync always falls apart. I've had very good luck with AAC and AC3 audio, however, and always did well in any mode (during or post) with MSADPCM. GSM 6.10 has worked in a couple trials, but required mono.

    I use Any-Video-Converter, but I do not know if there is a portable version.

    (Well, what the heck - a google search for portable any video converter came up with this right away: http://www.portablefreeware.com/?id=1050 )

    Try doing MPEG4 Custom with the AAC or AC3 audio. You ALSO could simply upload in private mode to YouTube, let them convert for you, then download the MP4 video they make for you.

  • edited June 2012
    I don't understand why only pcm work with me....there is a problem with my codecs.... i really don't understand. I will uninstall k-lite and reinstall it ....it's really borring...

    I compress in 44.1 kHz, NEVER USE THIS OPTION !!!!!!!!
    Choose 22.1 kHz AND THEN it's work very fine !!!!!!
    with lame mp3 try this option terry (22.01 kHz, stereo, 16-bit, using MCI unchecked, interleave unchecked) and tel me if it is always worst with you
    nevertheless, i can't use the ac3 codec, pcm is always used when i check "use MCI recording"....
    otherwise, can you do a version with a .manifest to be compatible with the uac
    a portable version does exist for the 2.6 version of camstudio ?

  • cdum,

    Very interesting your results with 22.1 kHz! You got it to sync using MP3??? That's the first time I've heard of that working!

    The portable version cannot work without the darn C++ runtimes existing on the host machine - that's the main catch if I understand correctly. Just run 2.0 for a portable version - it still works fine in all machines I've used it on.

  • in fact, my answer will be more nuanced.
    I have noticed that it worked much better on a win seven system than a win vista system.
    After it will be interesting to see if the performance :
    - depend on the version of mp3 lame' s library (if someone know the place where it is on the disk) and try different one
    - depend on the os
    - depend on the available ram, power of the machine, number of programs running on the background....
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