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CamStudio Producer has Stopped Working

OK So i have an asus laptop mini and just downloaded CamStudio Here is the problem when I go to CamStudio To record my video and to save it when i go ahed it says you do have permission to save this location Would you like to save to gaby's folder instead? Now When Started top convert it says
CamStudio Producer has stopped working
windows is checking online for a solution to the problem after that it says A problem has caused the program to stop working incorrectly Windows will close to notify you if it finds a solution. any help



  • gabriel567ist,

    Try starting the program as an administrator. Right-click on the program icon and choose "Run as administrator". Then it may allow you to save in that folder. Otherwise, change the temp folder to a different one from Options/Program Options/Directory for Recording and in Options/Program Options/Name of AVI File select "Ask for Filename".

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