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CamStudio under Win 7 Ultimate 64 bit is not working properly


I can run CamStudio fine, and I have configured it to use the "recording" sub directory under the install in windows (x86). I can see that it is recording and all is well until I stop and it goes to create the .AVI file.

It then throws up a message saying it is unable to create or rename the sound file, and all my effort has been in vain as this seems to be irrecoverable. (I can't tell you how frustrating this is when you have recorded for 15 minutes, nailed it, and then lose the lot :-( )

I also had some of the other problems related in the 64 bit thread but they were solved by changing the region to full screen. (It is running on a 15.6 inch laptop).

I can't turn off the transparent layer stuff because I need tooltips to be visible for my tutorial.

I'm wondering if there is a problem internally with file naming due to the 64 bit environment.

I'm running with administrator privileges and UAC turned off so it shouldn't be a permission problem.

Any thoughts or solutions would be gratefully accepted. I'm running out of time and I need this to work :-)




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    Watch the 2012 tech video listed in the sticky posts above and your problems will mostly be solved.

    Use Xvid.

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