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Strange behaviour

edited July 2012 in General Discussion
I have been using CamStudio recently with the following strange situation:
I record a video in my laptop, to SWF, everything looks great when I then watch locally.
Afterwards I upload it to a web server, and when I see it, the mouse movements are followed by a tail of squares that then vanish. I can´t explain this, any thoughts ?
thanks, Daniel.


  • dsyg,

    I'm not sure, as I do not use the SWF converter in CamStudio (just upload the AVI). If you are using the Microsoft Video One compressor, that could be causing it. Try Jawor's Xvid - I mention this one often because it has worked for a long time flawlessly for me. Get either the 32-bit version or the combo 32 + 64 if you have a 64 bit machine, CamStudio needs the 32-bit version no matter what machine you are on.


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