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I recorded a video, was not asked for a filename and cannot run, open or find the video.

I am using Windows 7 and CamStudio 2.6 and I recorded a video of about 45 minutes but now cannot find it. Is there someone here who knows the answer to where I can find it.


  • If you were not asked for a file name, and none ran, check your settings in the Options/Program Options section. If "Ask for filename" is not selected, then the video is likely sitting wherever the temp folder chosen for "recording location" is. By default, that is usually the program files/camstudio folder, but on Win7 that usually is not writeable unless you are running as an administrator.

    However, if your video went over the 2 gigabyte file size limit, nothing will be saved, as it would have crashed CamStudio, and you may have an orphaned temp file instead.

    What settings were you using in the Video Options section, including which compression were you using?

    See the videos in this playlist for lots of instructions, and the following website for more articles with good settings detailed.


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