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hi , could any one tell me how the studio may affect my pc' s performance during game mode _
i run win 07( os) and would like to record my games on (w g t) world golf tour? any help would be appreciated ,)


  • Cam itself doesn’t use an inordinate amount of resource, but WGT requires a late version of Adobe flash player and that is a huge resource hog which, when running with Cam and your browser, will slow things down noticeably. Since Adobe goes around your graphics processing and works using your system’s RAM, you’ll need at least 4GB (preferably more). Some have tried using their browser to trick the site into thinking that the computer is some sort of mobile device to utilize the new slimmed-down Adobe version, but I’m not sure how well that works.

  • Many thanks Ken for taking the time to reply, I currently have a disposable ram of 1.75gb, 32 bit (os) processor 2.70 ghz. I recently checked the Adobe flash player because i am suffering a lot of crashes , was informed i have the latest version. Should say at this point i am relatively inexperienced with computers , but with the info you have supplied i think i am right to guess i could be inviting more problems than i need at the moment, certainly until i upgrade certain components in my pc.
    I recognize your name , am i right in thinking from the game itself ? Any way just want to say thanks again Ken.
    Paul ( player name boylee0)
  • I had never actually seen the game till I read your post and visited the site.

    I wouldn't entirely give up on the idea, because I think it's worth a try - just don't expect miracles. What you need to do is make a 30 second test clip and see how it works. Shut down everything running which is not essential to the process and which may be taking resource. That would include A-V programs, updaters, firewalls like Zone Alarm (Win firewall is okay) and messenger services. When you go to the site, make sure that, if it opens pages in new tabs/windows, all pages underneath are closed, as they will be active in Adobe flash player even though they are not seen. Then try a capture at 10/100 with XVid MPEG-4 and see how it comes out.

    One unpleasant surprise that you may run into is the fact that CamStudio does not actually capture screen activity in a "wysiwyg" sense, but is grabbing the stream earlier along, meaning that programs which take cursor position and render it as some type of object other than the little familiar arrow we're used to seeing, cannot communicate that information to Cam, so the cursor translation will be rendered improperly, or not at all. That can happen in games and in programs like Photoshop and even with word processors. No way to deal with that, as far as I know.

    Anyway, I do think it's worth try.

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