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Screen Annotations captured in the demo


I am new to CamStudio and am currently using v2.0.
1. Launch CamStudio.
2. Go to Tools > Screen Annotations. The Screen Annotations pop-up is open.
3. Click Record.
4. While capturing the application demo, for a particular step, I drag Orange Gradient to the screen, edit the default text to relevant step text.
5. Right-click and close the Orange Gradient when I move to the next step.
6. In a 20-step demo, I add annotations for about four steps in a similar way.
7. When I end the capture and view the output, I can see that the "editing the annotation" part is also captured in the demo.

This is not correct. I want only the "final text" to appear on the output. The act of deleting default text and typing the annotation text should not be shown to the end-user.

Where am I going wrong?

Thanks for your help.



  • edited August 2012

    CamStudio records whatever is visible on your screen, so if you are editing during recording, well, it records your editing of course!

    Are you using the shortcut keys to bring up the annotations?

    Also, have you seen these help files?


  • So, if it records the editing of annotations, how do I avoid it?
  • Edit them in advance, then call them up using the shortcut keys. Set those up along with the others. You may need to have opened the program as an administrator for it to save your shortcut key assignments.

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