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Which codec is recommended/best quality for AVI ?

edited April 2009 in Support
As I found out the default Microsoft Video 1 codec yields the best quality for the AVI.
Unfortunately it creates the by far biggest AVI video.

Is there another recommended codec ?

WMV9 or MS Video MPEG-4 are rather bad. Text on the screen is very fuzzy.
Xvid is better but still worse than MS Video 1.
So is there another "best" codec for CamStudio?



  • Peter

    It depends on what you're using CamStudio to do.

    There are two types of video codec: lossy and lossless and each should only really be
    used for certain tasks.

    More info on the difference here:


    If you're recording yourself using your desktop, then you need a lossless video codec like:

    CamStudio Lossless Codec

    Techsmith Screen Capture Codec
    (requires licensed copy of Camtasia Studio to encode)

    MSN Screen Capture Lossless Codec
    (must be used with VirtualDub or similar to re-encode CamStudio-produced videos)


    If you intend to record video footage playing on the desktop, then you need to use a lossy
    codec, like DiVX or XViD.

    Hope that helps some.


    Nick :o)
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