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Preping for a interview

Hi, I am quite new to CamStudio and I am planning to do few interviews of roughly 30min to 1h and I would like to record them with audio and video, what would be the best setting to do that?
Can anybody help at all ?


  • Nope. Nobody can help at all... (What is that supposed to mean???)

    More details would be helpful to whoever helps you. Are you recording Skype interviews? 30-minutes to an hour should be easy using Jawor's Xvid as the codec, and the settings shown in the 2012 tech seminar video found up near the top in the sticky-posts region.

  • Okay thanks for the heads up, but I do not know what more details I could had but if you have any question about details of the recording I can give them to you:
    the purpose of the interview is to be able to make transcript out of them that will go to my case study so the quality of the video is not some important but it would be great not to have oversized files at the end of the recording so a codec with a good compression could be useful.

    I have downloaded the latest version of CamStudio, I have also downloaded the lossless codec and I am wondering what framerate and quality should I set and what would be best for the sound.

    I will make sure to check the video and codec you mentionned.

  • Yes, and watch this video for best settings. At YouTube, all the download links are in the description section.


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