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ffdshow not showing

edited November 2012 in General Discussion
On WIN7 CamStudio 2.00. Ffdshow doesn't show up on video options. Have the Cam Studio lossless codec but prefer Xvid. Currently pulling hair out, can somebody please help? Much obliged


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    Use Jawor's Xvid rather than FFDSHOW, perhaps, though I thought v2.0 didn't present that problem. Be certain to install 32-bit versions of codecs for CamStudio to use.

  • Somehow I finally persuaded it to "see" FFDshow on video options. Now it won't see any audio codecs from ffdshow!
  • stoppage,

    I recommend using MCI to record audio or PCM 16-bit, 44MHz to retain good sync. You can attempt to compress the audio later on, or let YouTube do it for you.

  • That's probably what I'll wind up doing. Maybe CamStudio has a problem with Win7...it worked fine with XP. Anyway thanks for the help
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